You are viewing the documentation for Blueriq 17. Documentation for other versions is available in our documentation directory.

Blueriq Encore is the business engineer's working environment and can be accessed from your web browser. It is used for creating, maintaining, and viewing business models. These business models are a representation of the knowledge-intensive processes of a business and can be executed in the Blueriq runtime

If an editor in Blueriq Encore is opened, the layout consists of different sections:

  • The navigation panel on the left, which is divided into subparts from top to bottom,
    • The Blueriq Encore logo
    • The repository, branch, project, and module menu together form a vertical breadcrumb.
    • Indented are the groups of module elements, which may differ depending on the selected module type.
    • A list of stacks of views grouped by module.
  • The view contains:
    • The titlebar of the view
      • On the left, there is the possibility to navigate forward and backward to other views in the stack.
      • Center: the title of the view, including the module definition selector, and the possibility to pin the view.
      • On the right actions specific to the content in the view.
    • In the center, the main content, such as the editor, or, for example, the validation report, or the pending changes.
    • All editors have a properties panel on the right:
      • Which for each editor has a functional name, description, labels, dependencies, and commit history of the element.
      • Additionally and depending on the editor, other properties or tabs are added.
    • Some editors have a bottom drawer, which may contain features such as the quick test to assist the business engineer.
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