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Entities are used to define the structure of your data.


An attribute is used to define the properties of your entities, thereby defining the data that can exist in your application. A multivalued attribute can contain more than one value of the same type. 


Relations define possible associations between instances of entities.

Static instance

Static instances are used to create predefined, named Instance of Entity with predefined Attribute values.

Value list

A value list is used for predefining possible values that an Attribute can have and it's corresponding display values. 

Validation rule

Validation rules are used for validating (checking) input, or calculations made based on input.


Aggregates are used for storing a snapshot of the profile or a part of the profile, that can be read, updated and/or deleted across sessions.

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

An entity relationship diagram (ERD) provides a visual representation of how a selection of entities, attributes, and relations relate to each other.


This visual does not aim to be complete, but rather to provide insight.

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