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Decision table

A decision table is used for modelling decisions with multiple outcomes based on one or more possible input conditions. 

Business rule

A business rules is used to model decisions based on IF ... THEN ... logic.

Data rule

Data rules are used to model decisions based on data from a CSV file.

External rule

An external rule is used to implement decisions outside Blueriq. 

Rule group

A rule group is used to apply a condition to an entire set of rules.

Reusable expression

Reusable expressions are used to avoid duplicate work, when particular expressions occur (or are expected to occur) multiple times within an application.

Unit test

A unit test is used to check whether an isolated part of business logic is (still) correct.


The expression is the basis for all Logic in Blueriq.


A justification is used to explain decisions.

Design guide

For the design guide on how to model logic see Decision Management guide.


Here you will find all visuals that are primarily about Logic concepts.



Business rule & Decision table

Rule group

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