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Rest service

The REST service editor is used for setting up request and response parts of a REST service. This can be used for calling external REST services or for setting up a Web service.

Soap service

The SOAP service editor is used for setting up an imported WSDL file.

Domain schema

The Domain schema editor can be used to define the structure of REST requests and responses, or to add a mapping from your application domain.

Schema set

The Schema set editor is used for viewing and setting up an imported XSD file.

Web service

A web service is used to expose a model using REST or SOAP.

Data mapping

Data mappings are used to facilitate the exchange of data between modules with (potentially) differing domain models. 

Design guide

For the design guide on connectivity see Web Services guide. 


Here you will find the visuals regarding Web services. They provide insight in the Blueriq elements that are involved when calling a SOAP or a REST service, and when making a BAAS (Blueriq as a Service).

SoapUI to example project BAAS

SOAP call from Blueriq

SOAP call with data mapping


REST call from Blueriq

REST call from Blueriq to BAARS with data mapping

Call to BAAS

Call to BAAS with data mapping

Supported connectivity methods

Below, a schematic outline is given of the default connectivity methods of Blueriq.

The green lines are the most common.

Transfer ProtocolMessage TypeMessage Structure




XMLDomain Schema
RESTJSONDomain Schema
RESTSingle Valuen/a

You can find more information on what we support in our web services datasheet.

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