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What is it for?

The SOAP service editor is used for setting up an imported WSDL file.

You cannot create your own SOAP service in Blueriq Encore. The only way to get a SOAP service object is to import a WSDL file.

Just as the Schema set editor, the SOAP service editor consists of a tree structure, describing your operations.

  • To open the original WSDL, select the button at the root level.
  • To edit how entities and relations are mapped to the operations of the WSDL open the tree structure. For every operation, Blueriq Encore generates two singleton entities: one for the request and one for the response. These entities have a relation to an entity which holds your data that will be send or received. These two entities are used during the runtime when receiving or sending a message to determine where to save or what to send. For example, if there is an element with minOccurs=0 and there is no entity present during runtime, then this will be skipped. Only instances which are reachable starting from this singleton are used. You may choose another singleton entity if you wish. When selecting parameters in the tree structure, you can set the name of the relation. For example, you could only use 1 singleton entity for all 4 operations in the screenshot below. This one entity then has 4 relations to different entities.
  • Instead of a relation, it is possible to add a custom schema element to the WSDL. 
  • To add validations to elements in the WSDL, select the validation icon and specify validations

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