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What is it for?

In Blueriq Encore, you can check your model for errors and warnings. Errors or warnings in your model can lead to unwanted behavior in the runtime. Or you won't even be able to start your project in the runtime, if it contains an error in the (exposed) flow or a fatal error. 

Project validation in Blueriq Encore

The project validation in Blueriq Encore is a continuous process which runs in the background if you have opened your project. All validations within a project (including all modules of included libraries that are actually used in your project structure) are gathered in the project validation report.

There are 2 ways to open the project validation report:

  1. The number of errors and warnings for the opened project are shown at the bottom right in the status bar if they exist. In the example below, there is one error and one warning. There is a button behind these numbers which becomes visible after hovering over it. Clicking on it will open the project validation report. 
  2. It is also possible to open the project validation report by selecting the project from the navigation menu and choose "Validate" under Actions. 

The project validation report is displayed in one or more tree structures:

  • The root of each tree is the project or library name. 
  • Its children are the modules containing at least one error or warning. 
  • The leaves are the errors and warnings themselves. 

Shift + click on an element name in the tree or in the detailed screen on the right will give you immediate access to the corresponding element.

If you have a large amount of errors, they might be alike and a single fix could solve multiple errors. So do not be discouraged immediately if there are many errors.

Management service

It is also possible to validate a project from outside the Blueriq Encore, via the Management Service method ValidateProject.

Project validation in the runtime

Next to project validations in Blueriq Encore, the runtime also runs a check on validations. The runtime checks for a different type of errors, e.g. errors in a flow that could cause problems in the runtime.

These (fatal) errors, warnings and use of deprecated elements are shown in the flow starter widget in the runtime dashboard:

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