The Blueriq Community is now open to the public. This means that you no longer need to log in when viewing the documentation or knowledge base of the Blueriq Community. With this transition, the Community becomes a space where both beginners and experts can explore the possibilities of the Blueriq Platform without limitations.  

Not all documentation is publicly available, as it may contain information regarding, for example, security risks or personal information. A login is still required to access these parts.  In addition, Questions can now only be asked in the Customer Portal, so you can easily ask your questions in a secure and separate environment.  

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact us at 



License(s) for 2024

Hi everyone,

It’s almost the end of the year which means that it’s time to renew the Blueriq licenses on the servers that run one or more Blueriq components, as most of them have an end date of 31 January 2024.

The new licenses are available on the customer license page for authorised users. The license page also shows the details for each specific license.

Please keep in mind that each server and each component (Encore/Studio, Runtime, BMA, Publisher) has its own license and that you have to renew each individual license. The new license will come into effect after a server restart.

Should you have any problems with the provided license(s) or if there is one missing, please contact me at


Nicole Pastoor

License for 2023

Hi everyone,

It’s almost the end of the year which means that it’s time to renew the Blueriq licenses on the servers that run one or more Blueriq components.

The new licenses are available on the customer license page for those users that are authorised to download the Blueriq software. The license page also shows the details for the specific license.

Please keep in mind that each server and each component has its own license and that you have to renew each individual license. The new license will come into effect after a server restart.

Should you have any problems with the provided license(s) or if there is one missing, please contact me at


Nicole Pastoor

Minor changes to the customer portal

Ever felt the need to reopen or properly close a support request, once a solution was provided? As of this moment you can.

When viewing a support request that has been resolved by providing e.g. an answer or a fix, it is now possible to explicitly reopen or formally close the request. To do so, we have introduced two buttons "Reopen issue" and "Close issue", that will be visible when the issue is resolved:

When a support request is closed, you can reopen the issue by using the button "Reopen issue".

Please note that these changes only affect support requests in specific statuses. Other statuses are not affected.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact me via


Nicole Pastoor

New year, new support

2022 starts with a new Customer Care Specialist. As of this year I will take on this role.

So let me introduce myself. I am Nicole Pastoor and I have been working for Blueriq since January 2006. During this time I have performed many different tasks. I’ve been involved in testing Blueriq applications, adapting Blueriq applications to changing business requirements, writing user stories for missing functionalities or changing business requirements, analysing and solving or explaining bugs and answering questions about these application. The last 2 years I’ve also had the role of Product Owner for the applications my team and I are responsible for.

As you may have noticed the role also has a new name. Blueriq wants to further improve the support and care provided to organizations. Hence this new name.

I look forward to this new role and I hope that I’m able to help you and your organization grow even further.

If you have any questions regarding this change, don’t hesitate to contact me via



What's new?

Many of our customers are curious about what's new in the Blueriq Platform. We listened and now we have a convenient overview for you to see what is new in previous versions of Blueriq! Please see What's new

Blueriq 14 is released!

In this new major version we focused on keeping the underlying technology of Blueriq up-to-date to the current market standards to keep Blueriq secure and stable. We updated underlying technology blocks and we fully replaced the development tools, consisting of the Runtime dashboard and application debug toolbar. With this replacement, we resolved technical debt, enabling us to deliver more value in the future. For the front-end of the new development tools, we used our new design system, which we also use for the successor of Blueriq Studio (will be released later). While we were busy, we also replaced the start page to match our new design system. Available for download in the Customers section! 

Improving content findability on MyBlueriq

Our most recent customer survey revealed that some of our customers are having trouble finding the right content with the MyBlueriq search engine. We take your feedback to heart! We will be updating both the structure and content of MyBlueriq to help you find faster what you need. If you have suggestions for improvement, please forward them to

Upcoming monthly Atlassian software update

Every month we update our Atlassian software (amongst others Community, Service Desk) to the latest products. Also next Friday, the 29th. This could cause our community and customer portal to be down temporarily. If that is the case, please don't hesitate to use other channels to contact us, such as by our support phone number +31 646 092 589 or email Best wishes for 2021! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

As we are nearing the end of the year, a short update. Even though this has been quite a peculiar year due to corona, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let's hope that we can see each other again in real-life soon! People and IT are better together! 

Next week I'll  be leaving Blueriq and continue my professional carreer somewhere else.

I want to thank every customer, colleague and community member for the support I had as Blueriq Support. I Learned a lot from all of you, and enjoyed working at the support desk.

I wish you all the best. Your questions and issues are in good hands with my successor Aäron. 

Thank you once again.

Blueriq 13

Dear community members,

I hope all of you are still safe and healthy. I'm glad I can tell you that I am. Our office is still closed, and although everyone misses their colleagues we found a way to make it work. From stand-ups to friday afternoon drinks and knowledge transfers, everything continues like it should. Most important, for a product development team, is to be able to continue developing our product and adding value to Blueriq.

Therefore I'm really glad to announce Blueriq 13.

We are in the final state of development. The release is planned for upcoming week. That means by tomorrow, we'll be updating my.blueriq with the latest documentation. For you, as a user, it means you'll automatically land on the Blueriq 13 Space. 

Want to be an early adopter? Let us know, and we'll see how we can help you!

Support on Blueriq 10 and 11

This also means that the support Blueriq 10 and 11 will be different. Blueriq 10 will be completely out of support. Our servers will be shut down and CVE's will not be checked anymore.

When Reporting a bug in Blueriq 10, we'll contact the customer succes manager. 

For the customers that have bought an additional year support on Blueriq 11, the support will be reactive. only CVE's will be fixed. Depending on the impact of the bug reported, we'll fix it in 11 or in a later version. 

All customers with a standard Maintenance and Support Agreement will only have support on Blueriq 12 and 13. 

For questions, please reach out to your CSM or support. 

Stay Safe!

Stay safe!

Dear Colleagues, dear community members,

I think it’s safe to say the world has changed since my last blog. How little did we know about what was going to happen. Who will know what the impact of Corona is going to be? In the meantime, we must stay strong. At Blueriq, while our office is closed, we try to do our work as good as we’ve always done. You can reach out to us if you need us.

Working from home brings a few challenges. Not only in a work-related way. I’m talking about the ambiance and the daily contact with our colleagues. We’ve always been more than just colleagues. We’re missing out on that. If you have any good ideas to keep the spirit alive, let us know!

There’s one last thing I want to say about Corona. If you’re in doubt, or have questions about the way Blueriq handles this situation and takes care of our colleagues, check You can find all Corona related information there. We’ll update this page as soon as there’s news from the government or other organizations.

Release 13

As I’m quite a positive minded person, I’d like to end with something nice. We’re planning and refining the final work that we must do to create release 13. We’ll make sure we’re up to date with platform support, we added some new functionality and for version management we are going to use GIT instead of our own SDF. You can already use this since Blueriq 12.9. If you have any concerns about functionality or platform support for Blueriq 13, we’d like to hear it.

For now, stay safe and healthy.  Keep an eye out for your fellow citizens, colleagues, friends and family. Speak to you soon!

Blueriq upgrades and Cool Coding Weekend

Today's blog contains two main subjects.

Blueriq upgrades
We hear from our customers that they have trouble upgrading and keeping the same pace as Blueriq. Therefore we contacted a few customers and colleagues that have proven that it's possible to keep a high upgrade frequency.

As a result we wrote an article Blueriq upgrade strategy. The article describes the difference between the functional upgrade and platform support and the building blocks to make upgrades easier. 

Credits to my colleague Kees V. for all input. 

Blueriq Cool Coding Weekend

As Blueriq we want to promote and enable creativity. Therefore, once a year, we organize the Cool Coding Weekend. All Blueriq employees and ex-colleagues are welcome. The weekend has a few goals. First of all it creates a bonding with your colleagues. We all have a great time. The second goal is promoting to be creative and learn new stuff were normally it's hard to find the time for. The last goal is not really a goal, but a nice to have outcome. Sometimes something is found that can really be used for Blueriq. As said, it's a nice to have outcome, as you can participate with something completely unrelated to Blueriq. 

At the end you may demo your progress of the weekend and for the best, coolest or most bizarre demo, we'll award a prize. 

This years winner copied the game "Baba is You" from the developer "Arvi Teikari". He copied the idea, and the front end. He created the first level of the game, by using Blueriq Studio. All colleagues were amazed by the demo, as we all thought we were watching actual game footage. At the end of the demo he revealed we were actually watching Blueriq. All credits for Louis W. 

The video can be found here: Blueriq Cool Coding Weekend

If you also created something amazing with Blueriq, let us know!

Blueriq 2020

It's a new world, with a new morning

A new sunrise on a brand new day

A new life with a real meaning

A new sunrise on a brand new Year

We wish you al the best for 2020.

To give this year a good start we ended last year with a new feature voting, that was opened until last friday.

We're glad to see more and more users are finding their way to the voting, with a total of 79 votes. 

you can find the results here: Feature Voting Results Q1 2020

Today marks also the start of a new quarter. 

It'll be a day full of presentations, a recap of what we achieved last quarter and a roadmap presentation of all the things we want to achieve upcoming quarter.

For me personally, It's going to be a year to challenge myself. How to improve support even further and improve our customer satisfaction. 

We've made great improvements last year, but we need to bring it to a new standard.

We wish you all the best, and support it is coming your way this year.