Dear community members,

I hope all of you are still safe and healthy. I'm glad I can tell you that I am. Our office is still closed, and although everyone misses their colleagues we found a way to make it work. From stand-ups to friday afternoon drinks and knowledge transfers, everything continues like it should. Most important, for a product development team, is to be able to continue developing our product and adding value to Blueriq.

Therefore I'm really glad to announce Blueriq 13.

We are in the final state of development. The release is planned for upcoming week. That means by tomorrow, we'll be updating my.blueriq with the latest documentation. For you, as a user, it means you'll automatically land on the Blueriq 13 Space. 

Want to be an early adopter? Let us know, and we'll see how we can help you!

Support on Blueriq 10 and 11

This also means that the support Blueriq 10 and 11 will be different. Blueriq 10 will be completely out of support. Our servers will be shut down and CVE's will not be checked anymore.

When Reporting a bug in Blueriq 10, we'll contact the customer succes manager. 

For the customers that have bought an additional year support on Blueriq 11, the support will be reactive. only CVE's will be fixed. Depending on the impact of the bug reported, we'll fix it in 11 or in a later version. 

All customers with a standard Maintenance and Support Agreement will only have support on Blueriq 12 and 13. 

For questions, please reach out to your CSM or support. 

Stay Safe!

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