Today's blog contains two main subjects.

Blueriq upgrades
We hear from our customers that they have trouble upgrading and keeping the same pace as Blueriq. Therefore we contacted a few customers and colleagues that have proven that it's possible to keep a high upgrade frequency.

As a result we wrote an article Blueriq upgrade strategy. The article describes the difference between the functional upgrade and platform support and the building blocks to make upgrades easier. 

Credits to my colleague Kees V. for all input. 

Blueriq Cool Coding Weekend

As Blueriq we want to promote and enable creativity. Therefore, once a year, we organize the Cool Coding Weekend. All Blueriq employees and ex-colleagues are welcome. The weekend has a few goals. First of all it creates a bonding with your colleagues. We all have a great time. The second goal is promoting to be creative and learn new stuff were normally it's hard to find the time for. The last goal is not really a goal, but a nice to have outcome. Sometimes something is found that can really be used for Blueriq. As said, it's a nice to have outcome, as you can participate with something completely unrelated to Blueriq. 

At the end you may demo your progress of the weekend and for the best, coolest or most bizarre demo, we'll award a prize. 

This years winner copied the game "Baba is You" from the developer "Arvi Teikari". He copied the idea, and the front end. He created the first level of the game, by using Blueriq Studio. All colleagues were amazed by the demo, as we all thought we were watching actual game footage. At the end of the demo he revealed we were actually watching Blueriq. All credits for Louis W. 

The video can be found here: Blueriq Cool Coding Weekend

If you also created something amazing with Blueriq, let us know!

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