It's a new world, with a new morning

A new sunrise on a brand new day

A new life with a real meaning

A new sunrise on a brand new Year

We wish you al the best for 2020.

To give this year a good start we ended last year with a new feature voting, that was opened until last friday.

We're glad to see more and more users are finding their way to the voting, with a total of 79 votes. 

you can find the results here: Feature Voting Results Q1 2020

Today marks also the start of a new quarter. 

It'll be a day full of presentations, a recap of what we achieved last quarter and a roadmap presentation of all the things we want to achieve upcoming quarter.

For me personally, It's going to be a year to challenge myself. How to improve support even further and improve our customer satisfaction. 

We've made great improvements last year, but we need to bring it to a new standard.

We wish you all the best, and support it is coming your way this year. 

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