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We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a simple small file that is generated with the pages of this website and that your browser saves on your hard disk of your computer. During a next visit, the saved data can be resent to our servers. This site uses analytical cookies that are necessary to help the site function optimally.

Privacy policy Blueriq B.V.

Blueriq will carefully save and secure your (personal) data, and we comply with the Personal Data Protection Act. In this privacy policy, we explain which personal data we process, gather, use and for which purpose. This privacy policy has been amended on 1 July 2013.

The collection and transmission of data.

We will obtain data from you if you use the Blueriq website or subscribe to one of our newsletters. This data may be personal information. We store and use only the (personal) information that you have provided us or that data of which it is obvious that it has been given to us to process.

By registering for the Blueriq community (, you automatically receive Blueriq Community updates, release notes and Blueriq Academy updates. In each email you receive, you will have the possibility to unsubscribe.

In some cases, we ask you to follow a registration procedure so you can make use of our products and services optimally. We ask you to fill in certain details. After subscribing, we save your details via your personally chosen username. The registration data is used in the first place to send you information on our service offering and to keep you up to date on our services.

Emails that Blueriq sends you may contain tags that show Blueriq if you receive the emails, if you have opened them and if you have clicked on a link in the email. This provides Blueriq information if and how the sent emails are being read.

Blueriq uses several means to advertise online. Blueriq collects data on the advertisements that are clicked and on which web page the advertisement is showing.

Blueriq has pages on social media networks (such as Facebook or LinkedIn). We can gather data on the use of these social networks.

Like most networks and applications, we use cookies and similar technologies so that our websites and apps function as needed and that we can gain more insight into our users and their actual interests. A cookie is a simple small file that is enclosed with the pages of this website and that your browser saves on the hard disk of your computer.

Transfer of data to third parties

Blueriq works in close cooperation with companies that help us carry out our activities. These companies deliver services such as telemarketing and sending out emails on our behalf. In some cases, these companies have access to some of your personal details so they can deliver you services on our behalf. They cannot use your personal data for their own purposes. Blueriq can provide your data to sister companies and partners of Blueriq.

Third party websites

Blueriq is in no way responsible for the privacy and cookie policy of websites that are linked to this site. We strongly advise you to read the privacy and cookie policy of those sites before using them.

Changes and insight into data

You are entitled to access to your personal information, and to correct or have it removed. For questions, please contact us. We will ask you for adequate identification

Storage and security of data

Blueriq stores your personal information and datasets on the Blueriq servers and companies we hire for this. Blueriq and these companies secure this data on an administrative, technical and physical level.

Amendments to the privacy declaration

Blueriq reserves the right to make changes in the privacy declaration. We advise you to consult the declaration regularly.


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