You are viewing the documentation for Blueriq 17. Documentation for other versions is available in our documentation directory.

1. Enhancements

Actuators are now working with multi-tenancy.Every service in the Blueriq stack now has the actuator endpoints working with multitenancy. Also a default actuator user, with username 'blueriq' and password 'welcome', is included out of the box.

2. Documentation

Documentation on the new features and improvements of this release is linked in the respective topics.

3. Upgrade Instructions

There are no specific upgrade instructions for this release.

As a best practice

  • backup your repository
  • backup your database before running scripts
  • backup your spring.config.additional-location directory ([Blueriq installation directory]\Runtime)
  • backup any config files you have altered under [Blueriq installation directory]\Services

before you start the upgrade.

4. Artifacts

 The Blueriq artifacts are available under name:

This release includes these versions of Blueriq components with a separate life cycle:



Customer Data Service5.0.1
DCM Lists Service4.0.0
Material Theme1.3.3
Development tools frontend2.0.0
DCM Maintenance App5.0.1
Audit Consumer1.0.1
DCM Dashboard Service2.0.1
Gateway Service1.0.1
Document Renderer2.2.0

5. Blueriq Libraries

For this release there are no specific Library updates.

6. Retirement announcement

There are no specific retirement announcements.

For a full list of deprecated features, go to Deprecated features.

7. Bug fixes







Encore would report an error when using the INCREMENT_WEEKS function.

The function is now included in Encore as expected.



Encore could fail when opening a branch that contains a DCM_CaseList or DCM_WorkList where a column has not filled out its field name.

Branches with missing field names in DCM_CaseList and DCM_WorkList can now be opened in Encore again.



The Runtime would always use a full URL including a query to try and find the correct credentials, fail finding it and falling back to the default credentials.

The runtime now uses the set url from the properties to see if it is in the query url.

8. Known issues

The AQ_DocumentLink container does not work in this version. We're aware of the issue and working on a solution.

For an overview of known issue please refer to: Known issues

9. Security notification