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The Scheduler (Quartz) Component is introduced to be able to facilitate multi-node environments. This is used for evaluation cases and task in a DCM project (or a project that uses the process engine). Please consider if the advanced scheduler is more suitable for your situation. In the Basic scheduler the evaluation of task is done by a polling mechanism. Every time the interval expires the process engine starts evaluation for a project.

The quartz component was introduced to be able to distribute the load of these background task to multiple servers (every server can only work on one project at the a time). This also ensure that if one of the servers is down the other servers will pick up the work.

When a Blueriq project with process engine is loaded into the memory we determine the interval of case and task evaluation, this is persisted in either the in-memory or database variant of the quartz database. If multiple servers are connecting to the same quartz database the interval is overwritten by the last server that loads that application.

More information about the basic scheduler can be found at the Process Engine page.


This component is configured to persist data in memory by default for demo and standalone development purpose, but we strongly advice to persist data in a database. See platform support for the supported databases.


The configuration can be found here.