The time tracker is meant to use for performance analysis only. Do not use this in Production!

The time tracker gives insight to the time actions take in the Runtime. It will log in xml format to the default logger. It will log add the end of a session, when the session is closed. The time tracker is available since version 14.0.1.

Sample output

<timetracker duration="2180ms" name="studio-Project" starttime="04-06-2021 09:51:48,178">
		<track duration="240ms" name="unrecorded" rel_perc="11%" starttime="04-06-2021 09:51:48,178" type="beginning"/>
		<track duration="94ms" name="startFlow" rel_perc="4%" starttime="04-06-2021 09:51:48,418">
			<track duration="37ms" name="unrecorded" rel_perc="39%" starttime="04-06-2021 09:51:48,418" type="beginning"/>
			<track duration="23ms" name="service" rel_perc="24%" starttime="04-06-2021 09:51:48,455" type="AQ_Instance_Create"/>
			<track duration="3ms" name="unrecorded" rel_perc="3%" starttime="04-06-2021 09:51:48,478" type="middle"/>
			<track duration="30ms" name="composePage" rel_perc="32%" starttime="04-06-2021 09:51:48,481"/>
			<track duration="1ms" name="unrecorded" rel_perc="1%" starttime="04-06-2021 09:51:48,511" type="ending"/>
		<track duration="1846ms" name="unrecorded" rel_perc="85%" starttime="04-06-2021 09:51:48,512" type="ending"/>
	<totals reported="94ms">
		<total name="service" rel_perc="24%" time="23ms"/>
		<total name="composePage" rel_perc="32%" time="30ms"/>
		<total name="startFlow" rel_perc="44%" time="41ms"/>

Enabling the time tracker

Enable the time tracker by adding the property:

Logging the timetracker

To be able to only view time tracker XML in the log, set the following properties: