In the pending changes overview it is possible to register your changes. However, it might be possible that you encounter some changed elements that should not have been changed. In that case you are able to undo those change. In Blueriq this is called 'revert'.

Step-by-step guide

To revert a change:

  1. Click on 'File' in the menu.
  2. Open 'Pending changes'.
  3. Go to the changes overview.
  4. Click on the right mouse button on top of a change (see screenshot).
  5. Choose 'Revert'.
  6. The change is irreversibly removed (i.e. there is no undo once you have reverted a change!).

For multiselect select multiple elements as normal (i.e. click the top change, and hold shift and click the bottom change to select all). The select column is for registering changes only.


Step 4. is depicted in the following screenshot.