H2 is only supported for development scenarios and for Blueriq below version 17!

If you are migrating between H2 versions, database files may not be compatible. If you need to preserve your data, you can make a database dump with your old version, using the H2 Console:

H2 Console
SCRIPT TO 'C:\Temp\database.sql'

You need to repeat this process for all databases you are using, which could be the process-sql-store, comments-sql-store, trace-sql-store, reporting-sql-store, quartz database and the customerdata database.

To reimport your file, issue this command in the H2 Console, using the new H2 version:

H2 Console
RUNSCRIPT FROM 'C:\Temp\database.sql'

This needs to be repeated for each database that you made a database dump for.

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