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Both project and version parameters are required.



In the REST service editor, each operation has a field for documentation that will be used in the OpenAPI feed as the description of the corresponding Operation. The properties of the request/response body schema may be documented in the corresponding Domain Schema per attribute and relation.

Function Flows

The OpenApi OpenAPI feeds for Function Flows that are exposed as webservice are located at:


Each Function Flow that is exposed as webservice by the requested project is considered as Operation in the OpenAPI interface.

If the property `property blueriq.production.shortcutsOnly` is  is set and the Runtime is running in production mode, the project feed will throw a forbidden exception.


The general function documentation is available in the OpenAPI feed as the description of the operation. The parameter's documentation is specified in the OpenAPI feed in the body schema definition.

Supported OpenAPI versions

Blueriq supports multiple versions of the OpenAPI specification. By default, version 3.1 of the specification is used, but the optional spec  query parameter can be used to request different versions:

spec query parameter valueOpenAPI version