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ContentRelease 17.2

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Undo & redo in Blueriq Encore

It is now possible to undo (

titleCTRL + Z
) or redo (
titleCTRL + SHIFT + Z
titleCTRL + Y
) changes within element level giving the Business Engineer more control and freeedom while modeling.

Changes that can be undone / redone include:

  • recovering rows that you just have removed,
  • reordering rows,
  • undo a convert action from inline to reusable,
  • retrieve cancelled changes,
  • and many more.

Easily transfer profiles in Blueriq Encore

You can now easily transfer profiles between unit tests, quick test, data mapping simulator and from the webservice debug log by copying to and pasting from your clipboard. This unlocks full potential of the aforementioned features by increasing the freedom of the business Engineer and removing the need of the cumbersome process of manually composing profiles for some use cases. 

Element comments in Blueriq Encore

Comments are back! You can find them conveniently in the properties panel of each element to describe your design decisions. You can now also edit and delete the comments you authored, and administrator users can edit and delete any comment.

Keyboard shortcuts in Blueriq Encore

Boost your productivity using keyboard shortcuts in Blueriq Encore! Among others, the good old

titleALT + D
to open the dependencies has made its return. Click here to see a list of currently available keyboard shortcuts. More combinations will follow later.


REST connection OAuth2 request parameters

We introduced properties to send along custom OAuth2 access token request parameters when authentication on a REST connection is set to 'oauth2'

Improved dependency navigation in Blueriq Encore

The dependency tab in the properties panel will now be automatically opened when navigating from the dependency tab itself, allowing the Business Engineer to navigate through dependencies more easily.

Use middle mouse button to close views in Blueriq Encore

Views can now be closed using the middle mouse button (scroll wheel) from the sidebar. Using the middle mouse button to click the Save or Cancel buttons will also close the view after the action has completed. This is in replacement of the Save and Close button that used to be available in the old Studio client.


Documentation on the new features and improvements of this release is linked in the respective topics.

Changes Platform Support

Our Platform support is updated.

Changes are:

  • Added support for RabbitMQ 3.13.3
  • Removed support for RabbitMQ 3.11.11

Upgrade Instructions

There are no specific upgrade instructions for this release.

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As a best practice

  • backup your repository
  • backup your database before running scripts
  • backup your 
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     directory ([Blueriq installation directory]\Runtime)
  • backup any config files you have altered under [Blueriq installation directory]\Services

before you start the upgrade.


 The Blueriq artifacts are available under name:

This release includes these versions of Blueriq components with a separate life cycle:



Customer Data Service5.0.3
DCM Lists Service4.0.2
Material Theme1.3.3
Development tools frontend2.0.1
DCM Maintenance App5.0.3
Audit Consumer1.0.3
DCM Dashboard Service2.0.2
Gateway Service1.0.2
Document Renderer2.2.0

Blueriq Libraries

There are no specific Library updates for this release.


For this release there are no specific Library updates.

Retirement announcement

There are no specific retirement announcements.

For a full list of deprecated features, go to Deprecated features.

Bug fixes

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Blueriq 17.2 Bug Fixes
Blueriq 17.2 Bug Fixes

Known issues

For an overview of known issue please refer to: Known issues

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