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Project Export

You can export a project to a zipped XML file. This file can be placed in the runtime directory. Depending on the settings, the runtime will load and execute the exports in this directory.

  • Right-click a project in the navigation panel in Blueriq Encore
  • Select Export
  • Check the Encrypt box if the XML must be encrypted
  • Save the project export

You should validate your project in Encore before creating an export.

Loading Exports in the Java Runtime

Loading exported projects in the Java Runtime can be done in two ways, either by setting the blueriq.exports.folder property or the blueriq.exports.files property inside the

When setting the blueriq.exports.folder property, the exports will be loaded from the location set in the spring.config.location property with the blueriq.exports.folder value. For example if the spring.config.location is set to C:/blueriq/runtime/configuration/ and the uses the properties set in code block below the exports will be loaded from C:/blueriq/runtime/configuration/exports.

blueriq.exports.description=Studio Exports

When setting the blueriq.exports.files property, the exports will be loaded directly from the absolute paths set in the property. Multiple exports can be set by comma separation, and each absolute path needs to be preceded by the file: protocol, including three slashes.

blueriq.exports.description=Studio Exports
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