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Standard Blueriq components are available in different libraries. These libraries are bundled in a package called BlueriqCompleteLibraries. All latest versions of the individual libraries can be found on the subpages of this page..

The main reason that the BlueriqCompleteLibraries package exists is that you can be fully flexible in choosing which Blueriq components you want to use in your project and which you do not during the import of the package.


The BlueriqCompleteLibraries package consists of the following libraries:

  1. Blueriq Basic Modelling library: contains all basic container types and service call types, not linked to any of the other specific modelling topics.
  2. Blueriq Document Modelling library: contains all servicetypes, containertypes and content styles necessary for modelling documents.
  3. Blueriq Aggregate Modelling library: contains all servicetypes and containertypes needed to store data.
  4. Blueriq Case Modelling library: contains all servicetypes and containertypes needed to make Dynamic Case Management solutions using the Blueriq Case Engine.
  5. Blueriq Process Modelling library: containers all servicetypes and containertypes needed to model (BPM) processes using the Blueriq Process Engine.
  6. Material Theme: contains all presentation styles that are supported by the default Material theme shipped with the platform.
  7. Dashboard: contains components specific for dashboards. This functionality has been deprecated in Blueriq 16.0.

Don't import both the Case and Process library.

Import the package

The BlueriqCompleteLibraries package can be imported as package

Upgrade the libraries

New functionality introduced in releases can lead to new or updated components in a library. This leads to a new version of the BlueriqCompleteLibraries package.