If you want to send an email from Blueriq, for example a confirmation message after filling out a form, here is how to do that.

Step-by-step guide

Create the mail message

A mail message in Blueriq is represented by an asset. To create this in Blueriq Studio:

  • Create a new Asset;
  • Provide a name, for example ThankYouMail, and select the type Email in the general section;
  • You can now provide both the subject and the message body in the asset. You can use HTML and Text Substitution Language: TSL in the message.

Create a service that sends the mail

With Blueriq you can use the Service call type: AQ_MailService to send an email. To create the service in Blueriq Studio:

  • Create a new Service call with Service call type: AQ_MailService
  • Provide the to and from and optionally the cc or bcc parameters. You can use both string values or expressions, refer to the Service call type: AQ_MailService description for the complete description.
  • Provide the details of your SMTP host
  • Provide the mail-asset parameter, in this case the ThankYouMail asset you have just created.

Add the mail service to your flow

Provided you have a page flow which displays your form, you can now add the mail service to that flow so the mail is sent after you complete the form.

Run your application

You are now ready to run your application in the Blueriq Runtime.

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  1. Is it posible to use multple Assets, depending from a choice in a dropdown list?