You want to create a flow to navigate between pages.

Step-by-step guide

To create a flow to navigate between pages follow these steps:

Create a flow

Create a new flow in four steps:


  • select Flow in the quick list access toolbar (left)
  • right click and select New Element or use CTRL + N


  • Name: enter flow name (max 50 characters)
  • Functional name: enter functional name (optional)
  • Flow type: select Flow type Flow
  • Exposed: select this box if the flow should be accessible from outside the application. Once you have ticked this box it is possible to define which privileges and channels you will need to start this flow.
  • Transactional: select this box if all changes to the profile made in the flow need to be either committed or discarded all at once, depending on which exit type is taken (Ok or Fail). 
  • Description: enter a description (optional)
  • Close

Add content to the flow

  1. Click on the start node
  2. Drag the linker into the page
  3. Add action node: page
    1. the page will be connected to the start node
  4. Click on the page and select the required page from the drop down list, in this example Page1 or add a page by clicking on the 'star' in the right top action box
  5. Connect the Next event to Page2 (added by repeating steps 2 to 4)
  6. Connect the Back event to Page1
  7. Save the flow

Additional features

There are also some additional features:

  • Remove items from a flow: use the recycle bin  to remove an item from the flow.
  • Add page to diagram: to add a page directly to the diagram use this function from the menubar and drop a page into the diagram


In the runtime the new flow will be visible and executable.

See also

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